Donate Time


“The time that I have spent at Career Gear volunteering has taught me a valuable lesson. I have learned that it is better to give then to receive. Giving in my opinion shows a persons character, maturity, and humility. I am highly honored and privileged to have shared my time and service with your organization. I will also be highly honored to volunteer again in my spare time. This organization is providing a wonderful opportunity to help men of all backgrounds advance themselves in their lives and in their careers.”Troy, Volunteer

Career Gear relies on a dedicated group of volunteers to fulfill our mission. There are many ways to help. Here are some options, both short and long term.

Mentor a Career Gear Participant

Partnerships are engaged for a 6-month period meeting every other week for one hour. Specific tasks have been designed to help participants overcome various obstacles, which we have identified. Please reach out to us at [email protected], if you are interested in serving as a mentor.

Hold a suit drive

Support Career Gear by encouraging your organization to donate business and professional attire. For instructions on hosting a suit drive please contact us here.

Plan a fundraiser for Career Gear

Every bit of funding counts! Hold a small cocktail party, dinner party, fashion event or lecture and collect proceeds to benefit Career Gear. Contact us for suggestions.

Lead a Professional Development Series Workshop

Are you knowledgeable in career advancement techniques, health awareness, fatherhood skills or some other field that would serve our clients? Come and teach what you know. For more information on our workshops and for an application, please contact us here.

Sort Inventory

Career Gear regularly receives clothing donations from corporations, suit drives and individuals. We need help sorting through the donations and hanging clothing in our boutique. Bring your organizational skills, a friend or two, and you will quickly fill up our boutique. For more information on individual and group opportunities, please contact us here.

Assist in suiting clients

Welcome and greet clients coming to Career Gear for the first time. Assist our clients through the intake process and help them find the perfect outfit for their interview. To request a volunteer application, contact us here.

Connect us to your contacts

Are you connected with anyone in the retail industry that can help us out? We are always in need of new in-kind donations and corporate sponsors. Share your connection with us, and arrange for your contact to have a site visit or lunch with us.

All volunteers are required to attend our New Volunteer Orientation. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.