2. Donate Time

Every interaction makes a difference.
No matter how you choose to help Career Gear, you’re playing an important role in providing men with the resources to help them get jobs, save money, build strong peer-support networks support their families and children, and make a positive contribution to their communities.

3. Donate Clothing

Thank you for your interest in donating to Career Gear. Please email donations@careergear.org for instructions on how to donate your gently used clothing. For additional questions or concerns, please email info@careergear.org. Please click the following link to print the donation form. Donation form CLOTHING REQUIREMENTS •Clothing must be new or gently used, business-professional attire. •Clothing must be in style. Before donating, ask yourself, “Will this outfit help a man make the best impression at his interview?” •Clothing must be clean, cannot be stained, or have odors. •We can no longer accept French cuffed shirts as it is an added expense to our clients. PLEASE DONATE •Suits (especially size 36 and below and size 44 and up) •Dress pants •Blazers/Sport Coats (solid color only) •Dress shirts (especially size 17 and up) •Dress shoes (black or brown leather, all sizes) •Belts (black or brown leather, all sizes) •Overcoats •Ties •New black or brown socks •Watches and tie clips •Leather goods, backpacks, satchels, etc. BUSINESS CASUAL Career Gear now accepts business casual dress wear for men. These clothing items allow many of our clients a chance to have several outfits for a business casual work environment in offices, retail environments and more. These items include: •Button-down and collared shirts •Casual dress pants, chinos •Casual shoes, loafers and some sneakers (in good/like new condition please) •Appropriate outerwear We can no longer accept the following items as per our Sustainability Initiative: Wire or plastic hangers Styrofoam Dry Cleaning plastic

4. Hold Suit Drive

Career Gear has broad needs. We have years of experience and guidance to inform corporations interesting in hosting a company drive. Prior to hosting a company drive, companies must provide Career Gear with an administration fee (based on the size of the organization). *****Only approved companies may hold a company drive for Career Gear as they have reviewed and agreed upon our terms and conditions.

With a co-branded marketed drive Career Gear will provide the marketing materials for potential donors outlining our Mission as well as the initiatives they will be supporting. We provide a clothing drive kit to simplify and streamline the process. Click here for more information on hosting a company drive!

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